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Bayanihan para sa Silid Aralan: A Post Activity Report

Last Saturday members of KIDS Club headed to Rodriguez, Rizal to distribute the basic school supplies, raincoats, hygiene kits, and umbrellas to 100 children aged 8-9 years old.

KIDS goes to SAI

Members of KIDS Club on their way to meet the Silid Aralan kids

KIDS Club members went to Kasiglahan Elementary School in Barangay San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal together with the Silid Aralan Inc., founder and CEO Arcie Mallari. 

Unloading of boxes

Preparing the venue

preparation of kits

Getting the kits ready before the programme starts


The project aimed to help less privileged students as they start with the new school year. The school kits include writing papers, pencils, crayons, sharpeners, scissors and rulers. Raincoats were given to the little boys while umbrellas were given to the girls to protect them from rain when they go to school. Hygienic kits were also given which include small towels, toothpastes and toothbrushes. 

inside the kit

A sneak peek inside the school kits

Aside from the distribution of such kits, KIDS Club also spent an afternoon with the children playing games and sharing food. Members of the Crossnote Choir from Sta. Cecilia Parish were also there to share their music. Although it suddenly rained and the venue became flooded, it did stop the kids from having fun and enjoying the donuts given by Krispy Kreme. We were also fortunate that a team from TV5 was present to capture the said event. 


Crossnote Choir leading the opening prayer

Opening remarks

Silid Aralan Inc., Founder and CEO Arcie Mallari giving his opening speech

KIDS club intro

Co-founder Evalyn Evangelista introducing the members of KIDS Club


Tawid with Style: Kids going to the other end without walking

loot bags

Distribution of goodie bags for the particpants of the game

krispy kreme

RM, one of our young volunteers, giving snacks to the students

special number

Crossnotes entertaining the kids while having their snacks

kits to go

Ready for distribution!!


Umbrellas for the girls

excited kids

Excited to see what’s in their bags!

rainy day

Trying out their new umbrellas!

rainy end

Despite the flood we were able to finish the programme happily!

group pic

Silid Aralan Inc., and KIDS Club happy to serve!!


KIDS Club with TV5 team: So lucky for our pilot project to be featured on TV!!

As Early as Now.. We would like to say THANK YOU!!!

When we were first discussing about the Bayanihan project, we only identified the very basic things that we can give to the students of Silid Aralan. Why? Because we know that it will be difficult to ask for financial and in-kind support especially during this time especially for those who need to pay tuition fees, buy school supplies and uniform for their own kids, and save some money for their children’s daily baon or allowance.

As early as March, we already started coordinating with friends, colleagues, and family members asking for some pledges. And we did not expect that we received more than what we asked for! Thank you very much!!!


Colored Papers and other visual aid materials for SAI teachers


Our temporary depository nook for those who want to donate


100 Notebooks!!


Our pencils, pens, and scissors now have pencil cases… the papers and other things are now out of the big boxes!!


Sweets from a sweet boy


SAI kids will also receive toothpastes, toothbrushes, and towels!!

All Set for our First Project!!

After months of planning; meetings; and donor seeking, we are now in our final stages of our preparations for our pilot project Bayanihan para sa Silid Aralan. Bayanihan is a Tagalog word which means helping together while Silid Aralan  is classroom.

On June 20, some members of our club will be going to SAI Center in Rodriguez, Rizal to spend a day playing and sharing music with the kids together with the members of the Crossnote Choir from Sta. Cecilia Parochial Church in Maly, San Mateo. We will also give basic school supplies like pencils, papers, and crayons as well as raincoats and umbrellas to 100 students supported by Silid Aralan, Inc. (SAI).

SAI is a non-profit organization that aims to give low performing, underprivileged students confidence in their own capabilities as a means of affecting their academic performance for the better.


Finally!! We have completed the needed school supplies for SAI kids.


Preparing the kits to be given to SAI kids

Updates about our project will be posted here soon!!